Want to hear what others are saying about the services Cambium Nutrition has to offer? Below are testimonies from Susan's clients, describing the journey in healthy living that Susan led them through.

"Susan is so full of inspiration and experience.  I can really tell her heart is in her work.  I left my session with Susan knowing my life was going to improve and that with Susan's help, I realize that I have the power within me to make the changes necessary to live a healthy life. Thank you!" Casey B

"I find that I can not say enough good things about the help you have given Allie." CF


"I loved working with Susan, I learned so much!"

"I loved Susan's support without guilt and tailoring each plan to the individual."


"As someone who's struggled with an eating disorder the majority of her formative years, my relationship with food, how it connects to my emotional state and personal identity has been a tedious war.  I've seen several nutritionists both inpatient and outpatient, but Susan's approach was a home run for me.  No one else has a supportive voice, humorous and realistic approach and tender nature to make me feel safe, accountable and included in my own recovery.  Her perfect balance felt like a yoga class about food and maybe I'm biased but it was the most beautiful and perfect presentation.  I am honored to have met her and have her a part of my team." AB

Susan’s approach was a home run for me.



"I have been fortunate to have been able to work with Susan for about a year and a half now.  I really appreciate how she truly caters to each person individually.  At least that is how it felt for me.  Rather than saying so you have this issue like thousands of others so this is what you do, I feel like she listens to my feelings and concerns at the moment and offers guidelines to educate me and allow me to make the choices because ultimately, only I can take care of myself.  Working with other therapists and nutritionists in the past, being treated like an individual person was often missing, but not with Susan!  I am free to be the me who just needs a little extra help in this one aspect of my life. " AM


"I would highly recommend Susan to anyone                                                  looking to upgrade their nutrition and health"

"A little over a year ago, my doctor informed me that I would permanently have to go on medication for my high cholesterol.  Not wanting to be tethered to pills for life, I sought professional nutrition help and found Susan Katz-Scheinker at Cambium.   Susan not only gave me great nutrition information, she constructed a nutrition plan for specifically for me that helped me lower my cholesterol.  In addition to this nutrition road map she provided great recipes for meals that interested me and answered all of my questions.  After just a year of work with Susan, my cholsterol is no longer in the range that requires medication, I've lost weight and I feel healthier. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to upgrade their health and nutrition."  BL