Is BMI linked to Self-Esteem?    

What do you think? Is BMI linked to self-esteem?

Maybe you are now wearing a deer-in the headlights mask—saying, “well yeah, what do you expect”… 

You could be pondering, considering the connection, possibly curious.

Perhaps you are saying “absolutely not, nope, not me, not connected, and who cares about BMI anyhow”…

So what’s the Point of BMI anyway?

Classifying and categorizing, it’s something we learn as Toddlers or in Pre-School.  Creating order and buckets…noticing differences in ourselves and others.   Sizes, colors, differences, help a person to sort the world in a clarifying way.

That’s what BMI does for the medical community.

BMI is classification and clarification system for the medical community to plot a person’s data for medical risk against that of the remainder of people on the planet.

The Medical Community (got that? Not the media, your best friend or even your worst friend) measures a person’s body weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate and Body Temperature upon arrival for almost any appointment.  These measurements classify and clarify where a person’s data lands in comparison to “charts and norms”.

The Real Truth about BMI and Body Weight…

What is BMI anyway? The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a value derived from the mass (weight) and height of an individual. BMI is an attempt to quantify the amount of tissue mass in an individual.

How about Weight?  Weight is the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity.

Vertical force as a result of gravity combined with an attempt to quantify body tissue…  Are you seeing anything here about  body image or self-esteem?         Me neither.

So that’s how it works, Body Weight and BMI are a system to check-in with the status of your health and potential health risk…  Not body-image or self-esteem.

If someone’s body weight has significantly shifted or changed in the last 3 months (more than 10%), this change can impact internal organ function and overall physical wellness.

In some cases, the weight change will positively affect organ function.  Too much change in body weight (especially quickly) can have alternative effects on metabolism and body function.

Your body weight is not your identity.

Your personality, your ideas, your vocation, your favorite color, your friendship circle, on and on create a unique and powerful picture of who you are at any given time.

If you notice that your body weight or BMI has more influence on your inner chatter and outward behavior, a wonderful opportunity is now available to you. 

We have so much more to offer…

Your body and mind are so powerfully armed with way more responsibility.   

Your greatest gift is to remember your magical energetic system.  

By feeding yourself well and appreciating the hum of amazing synchronous efforts your organs perform at any given moment, you can learn to show kindness to yourself.

The powerful and simple beating of your heart is nothing to be taken for granted.  It is a gift to remember and appreciate—as You are Here.

Gratitude is the answer.



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You deserve to live in a body fueled with energy to support your everyday life.