More and more food advertising, cooking shows, weight loss products, food specialty shows, diet books, faddish gimmicks and baking competitions are coming forward

What do you believe now?  What makes sense in a world where is food being pushed and new materials are being published every day that contradict each other.  One day a protein source is a good idea and the next it is harmful and unhealthy.

It’s all so confusing!  Food push, diet push, food push, myth, confusion.

Food Has a Job

Let’s look at this with a totally different lens…  Food has a Job. 

YOU are the hiring (or not) director.

Got that?  You are the Director

You decide what goes in, what helps, what makes sense, what you want to feed your body.

There is no secret here.  Food is required to feed your body from the inside out.  Not enough nutrition going in on a regular basis, your organs will not function well, this includes your heart.  Too much food going in day after day, your organs are overloaded and overworking.

Take a moment and think of this scene: A place or country where someone is standing by a large barrel and is using a ladle or extra bowl to portion a porridge for people who are standing in a line waiting for this food in order to feed their bodies and survive.  This is a heartbreaking scene, but truly delivers the story on why we eat.  Food is required for energy.  Food has a Job.

Food = Energy

Did you notice that exact food choices are not being shared here?  This is your power center.  To point fingers at a certain food or food products is not the goal.  There are countless sources that are hoping you will exclude some foods and include more of others.

No doubt that each and every one of us has certain metabolic differences, nutrition stories, medical histories and ultimately lifestyles and patterns.  This is what makes you, fabulous You!

Following the next big food plan or weight loss craze is likely going to be a simple taste of someone else’s ideas.  At some point, you will naturally connect to what you know, have eaten before, and perhaps, enjoy.

Honoring Your Body with Food, enough to nourish your cells, is Your Power.

Choosing to learn why you are eating (if you are eating when you aren’t hungry or eating more than your body needs) is more powerful than completely leaving yourself behind to follow a new food or diet craze.

After all, this is Your Story, keep it that way.

Cambium Nutrition creates personalized meal plans that honor your unique lifestyle, relationship with food, likes, dislikes and health history. Your plan is designed and tailored to honor your goals, desires and ultimately to fuel your inner body with natural, beautiful energy